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Investment Ready Places

The small towns and cities of America are once again becoming the new frontier for development. In this New American Frontier, growth and regeneration efforts are at their core, community-driven. The scale of projects is typically proportionate to the community and final results are the output of unrelenting trial and error by citizens. This is a human-powered enterprise, a do it yourself version of community building. 



IRP Locator

 The IRP Locator is an interactive tool created to help you navigate The New American Frontier. 

Simply click on the map below to start exploring potential IRP’s across the country. If you would like to add an IRP you know or are currently working on, email us at and we will invite you to collaborate!


View IRP Locator in a larger map

IRP Checklist

 The IRP Checklist is a tool created to help you gauge the true development potential of an IRP. 

Simply click on the image below to access the fully editable form. (If using a Mac, make sure to further right click and select “Open with Adobe Acrobat”). Fill out the blanks and review the final score. As a rule of thumb for scores:

0-25:     Look elsewhere
25-50:   Address critical  issues before investing
50-75:   Invest incrementally
75-100: Attract other investors  

We encourage you to share your findings by clicking on the submit button. Your findings will be stored on our website and made available for fellow pioneers! 



Now available: the slide deck from the 2013 APA Conference in Chicago

Investment Ready Places was introduced to planners at the 2013 American Planning Association Conference in Chicago in a session on Sunday, April 14, 2013, from 2:30 to 3:45StreetSense's Atul Sharma and Joe Nickol were joined by Scott Ford, the Executive Director of Community Investment in South Bend, Indiana, and Radhika Mohan, the Senior Program Manager of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design to share stories from the New American Frontier.  

The slides: