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Really, Really Long Dinner Tables

Really, Really Long Table Dinner, Calgary
Last century's general attempt to tidy up cities unintentionally removed many of the ways that we celebrate outdoor places, the fruits of our collective labor and the joy of living in neighborhoods. Thankfully, that is all starting to change. A rediscovered demand for sharing a meal together in both known and undervalued spaces has people clamoring to pop-up dining tables in cities around the world. It is proof positive of a shift from conventional mixed-use thinking to a more experience-based model as the core driver in building vibrant places and creating real value. Farm-to-table has reached a new level.

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How Food Shapes Cities


Targeting All Food Deserts

Mobilizing efforts to unburden food access and choice

The American foodscape is changing. No longer able to access customers and connect them to good food through centralization, upstarts and entrepreneurs are ditching the pad site and expensive permanent digs in favor food trucks and carts.

And it's not just about hot dogs and brats.

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Place Profile: Washington's Landing

Washington's Landing along Pittsburgh's Allegheny River waterfront combines a number of employment uses with a residential neighborhood. A modest but effective marina (foreground, right) at its core provides the neighborhood meeting spot and has become a destination within the city for those on foot, bike, boat, and car.

In a city defined by water, a look at one way to get to it

The City of Pittsburgh, like many of its formerly industrial brethren, has made a number of moves to reclaim the working waterfront as active places for human activity. In most cases, this involves installing trails in linear parks with recreation nodes in place of the mills and plants that once relied upon water access. In these cases the recreational and riparian reclaimed edge pushes back buildings and their uses from the water they so desperately want to be on. The marina at Washington's Landing provides one exception where use of and engagement with the water occur as a matter of course.

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Chop, Fry, Boil: Eating for One, or 6 Billion

Fixing our healthcare does not begin with legislation or vilifying the insurance industry. Rather, we must return to common sense food chains. We should not be at the same time subsidizing manufactured and unnatural foods that are bodies are unaccustomed to using and at the same time subsidizing an ever more complex system of making up for it. We'll lose our quality of life and go broke in the process.

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