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When One Story Makes Sense

Most sustainably great places started with one story buildings. This example comes from Portland, OR.

A quiet crisis is emerging in our building practice: one story buildings are being coded out of the system right when we need them most. While it is true that the Wendy's, Kmarts, and Walgreens of the world earn their anti-urban distinction, we should hesitate to throw the one story baby out with the suburban bathwater. One story buildings are being called upon amidst the unpredictable shift to e-commerce, the speed at which we need to take advantage of new markets, the stubborn difficulty of building and financing affordable mixed-use buildings, and, due to the capital cost, the propensity of credit-worthy chain tenants to show up in conventional new mixed-use buildings, leading to the same placelessness and capital extraction we seek to avoid in the first place.

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The Everyday Toolkit


Everyday Squares | Urban Design Associates

The Everyday Squares Manual (download here) by Urban Design Associates methodically walks through the essential criteria, dimensions, and life that Everyday Squares bring to town and neighborhood building. The information is culled from interviews with owners and operators, measuring, and drawing. It is structured to be a useful and intuitive benchmarking and design tool.

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