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Really, Really Long Dinner Tables

Really, Really Long Table Dinner, Calgary
Last century's general attempt to tidy up cities unintentionally removed many of the ways that we celebrate outdoor places, the fruits of our collective labor and the joy of living in neighborhoods. Thankfully, that is all starting to change. A rediscovered demand for sharing a meal together in both known and undervalued spaces has people clamoring to pop-up dining tables in cities around the world. It is proof positive of a shift from conventional mixed-use thinking to a more experience-based model as the core driver in building vibrant places and creating real value. Farm-to-table has reached a new level.

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A New Face for an Old Broad

A New Face for an Old Broad from American Grapefruit Media on Vimeo.


Memphis narrows in on a Broad Strategy

A New Face for an Old Broad documents overwhelming market preference for meaningful, engaging places. Broad Street, a street that has been marred by transportation engineering's finest attempts to remove traffic from the main street and bypass traffic along Sam Cooper Boulevard, is brought back to life through bottom up urban recolonization that likely wasn't even on the City's economic development radar. 

But here comes the crux.

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